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Civical Museum


The rooms of the Palazzo dei Consoli host since 1909 the collections of the Museum.
  Essential goal in the regional routes, the building is considered to be the main museum of the city of Gubbio. The museum collection set up at different levels, illustrating the history and local culture from the sixth century. BC the nineteenth century. Of absolute importance and international fame are the Tablets iguvine seven bronze slabs engraved with the most important text in the Umbrian language and the most extensive description of religious rites that the ancient Western world has ever returned. Tables are at the heart of an archaeological collection of the richest Umbria with relics dating back to Roman and Umbrian.
  The numismatic collection consists of important examples Italic and Roman bronze coins, medieval ducal and papal, the latter minted by the Mint of Gubbio.
  Set up in the hall and loggia along the secret corridor, the collection ranges from archaic majolica ceramic (XIV sec.) To the artefacts of the nineteenth century. Of particular importance is the production eugubina Renaissance luster red and gold from the workshop of Mastro Giorgio Andreoli (XVI century). Numerically significant is the pharmaceutical pottery including original domes of alembic in red clay.