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Race of "Ceri"


The sweeping race that May 15 of each year is repeated in Gubbio in honor of local patron saint Ubaldo.

The Ceri of Gubbio are three wooden structures, formed by two superimposed octagonal prisms and reinforced by an internal frame also made of wood and at the time of the riser are fixed to a stretcher which then will be carried on the shoulders and running by so-called "ceraioli ". During the year Ceri and stretchers are kept in the Basilica of St. Ubaldo on top of Mount Ingino, while the statues of saints are kept in the church of S. Francis of Peace called "the Masons" in Via Savelli.
The centuries-old festival, which involves the whole town of Gubbio, takes place in an incredible scene defined by sounds and colors of the uniforms ceraioli (for Sant'Ubaldari yellow shirt, blue for San Giorgiari, black for Sant'Antoniari) , the traditional songs that echo through the streets of the city adorned with the banners, the mighty roar of the crowd during the lift and the passage of the Candles, the evocative tolling of the "bell" and the overwhelming rush to the streets to Mount Ingino, sacred place to all the people of Gubbio it lies the body of the patron. The race ends with prayers of supplication and thanksgiving to the patron saint Ubaldo high and the deposition of the three statues depicting the three saints in the aforementioned church of the Masons. During the evening dances and songs delight all participants as well as recognizing the end of the celebrations with enthusiasm riprenderrano unchanged next year. The candles for their cultural and historical importance have been chosen as a symbol of the Umbria region.