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The biggest Christmas tree


Lying at the foot of Mount Ingino, the Christmas tree lights every year the entire city with its hundreds of multicolored lights.

In Gubbio Christmas is also the Power of the Tree, which came now to be part of the Christmas traditions of the entire city. Every year on the eve of the Feast of Our Lady, the 'December 8, until a few days after the Epiphany, the Gubbio tree is powered. The tree consists of various color lights that go to make a very special and unique color effects. Hundreds are in fact the bright spots of delineate the green shape of a Christmas tree while the central body is dotted with over 300 multi-colored lights. At the top you have a star on the surface of 1,000 square meters designed by over 200 points of light. In 1991 he entered into the Guinness Book of World Records and is a great attraction for the city over the Christmas period as hundreds of people come every year in Gubbio during this period just to admire the tree. The realization is curated each year by the historian of the group "Alberalioli" who perform this action without reward, but only out of love for this symbol of brotherhood and friendship and pure devotion to the Patron Saint Ubaldo and the town of Gubbio. Each year the lighting ceremony with the presence of leading figures in the national and global levels. For the year 2011 the city of Gubbio has had the honor of entrusting to the lighting of Pope Benedict XIV directly from Vatican offices.