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GubbioFreccettaTours and ExcursionsFreccettaExcursionsFreccettaFrom Gubbio to Valfabbrica
From Gubbio to Valfabbrica
Starting from Gubbio the route to follow to visit the district begins with a stop in Scheggia, located where the Via Flaminia crosses the bridge Sentino with the characteristic barrel. Further south on the Flaminia meets after a few km from the picturesque village of Costacciaro.
At the crossroads of the Osteria del Gatto, turning right at a junction is reached after 1.3 Km Moat Vico with the modern part of the street and the old town on a spur. Taking the Flaminia after 8km south Gualdo Tadino are at the foot of Monte Serra Santa, on the slopes you can see the road that leads to the top. Continuing on the road that leads to Perugia from Gualdo you reach Valfabbrica on the left bank of the river Chiascio.