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Hermitage of Fonte Avellana
When you approach the Hermitage of Fonte Avellana you are immediately struck by the beauty of its original architecture, history and simplicity. Entirely built in stone, the building brings an almost desert-like atmosphere to the place: a strange feeling of void. The hermitage is thought to have been founded by St. Romuald (twelfth century) and later developed by St. Peter Damian. The simple church (twelfth century) is a prime example of Romanesque and religious architecture in the area. The crypt is perfectly preserved, with an apse and surmounted by ample vaults. Among the other buildings of the complex, worth to be mentioned are the small cloister built by St. Peter Damian and the chapter hall with a vaulted roof. Of particular interest is the “St. Peter Damian Scriptorium”, the most significant construction in Fonte Avellana. The wonderful and luminous scriptorium (place for writing) is characterized by a dense series of mullioned windows that open on the main sides; this is where the scribe monks followed the provisions set forth by The Rule of St. Benedict by transcribing ancient Greek and Latin texts on parchment, thus creating priceless manuscripts. The Scriptorium of Fonte Avellana is one of the few original examples of this kind as it was never affected by bombings or earthquakes.
The monastic community occupying the hermitage welcomes all visitors but is primarily aimed at those who wish to share their lifestyle of prayer and meditation.
The Monastery of Fonte Avelliana requires a predisposition to silence, mediation and introspection. Visitors are offered lectures on religious topics, days of individual retreat and occasions to reflect about a variety of issues.
Days follow the rhythm of the choral prayers of the monks (Lauds, Middle Day, Evening Prayer and Eucharist). Individuals and groups (also self-organized) are welcomed all year long. Tour groups, school camps, schools and groups under 18 years of age cannot be accommodated.
During the summer weeks, check-in time is Sunday afternoon at 5pm and check-out is Saturday morning after breakfast. For reservation please call at 1pm or from 8 to 9pm.
Reservations by email are not accepted.