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GubbioFreccettaTours and ExcursionsFreccettaExcursionsFreccettaMadonna del Sasso, Park Coppo, St Girolamo
Madonna del Sasso, Park Coppo, St Girolamo
Cai trails No. 253 and 254
Level: Expert
Distance: 7,4 km
Difference in height: 285m
Note: departs from Gubbio’s cemetery, which is just 1500m from the center of town, as this this is a ring route.
GPS tracking (No. 253 – 254), route map and profile available.
Depart from the walls of Gubbio’s cemetery (508m). When you arrive at the main entrance, turn left and go to the northern corner of the parking lot, where the road crosses a small bridge and then leads into the gorge behind. Ride along the dirt road that takes into the gorge following the creek, and you will arrive at a small church (Madonna del Sasso) with tables and benches and then at the intersection with trail No. 254 (588m Km 1,400). Continue along the road uphill taking an ample left turn up to a house located at the intersection with trails No. 255 and 256 (659m Km 2,000). Continue on the same road heading north into the woods and you reach the Park of Coppo at a fountain, a rest area with facilities and a restaurant-bar (785m Km 4,300). Continue to the left past the bar and then turn right at another fountain riding along a flat ridge, leaving the playgrounds on your left. Continue on the route shared by trails No. 251 and 253, turn around a small hill on the left and then back into the woods; after a few meters, you reach the intersection of trails No. 251 and 253 (776m Km 4,700). Continue on the left uphill and then make a right. Now the trail turns around Mt. D’Ansciano and opens up on Gubbio and the plain. After a stretch on the panoramic route, you go back into the woods, then steeply downhill; the trail widens and almost becomes a road until, you reach the hermitage of St. Jerome (959m Km 6,600) after a long flat turn. From here continue along the road to Gubbio with some chapels on the right, until the first bend where you take the trail again and cut across the last bends until you arrive at the town walls at the gate of St. Jerome (550m km 7,400). It is possible to ride an alternative route following trail No. 254 which, starting from the bar in Coppo (road with barrier), leads down to the small church of Madonna del Sasso passing through the refuge “Buca D’Ansciano” managed by our section. First, follow the road up to the refuge, then continue until a field where, after a large oak tree, you must go past a fence and continue downhill until you see trail No. 253 again.
(Distance of trail No. 254: 1,4km)