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GubbioFreccettaTours and ExcursionsFreccettaExcursionsFreccettaMount Ansciano, Mount Ingino

Mount Ansciano, Mount Ingino

Cai path Difficulty: E Length: 7.300 km Difference in altitude: 500 m Notes: Beautiful round trip to the stunning scenery and the historical and religious meet. Beautiful view from the top of Gubbio.

It starts from the port of San Girolamo upstream along the walls of the city. Follow the path n. 253 first paved road and after a few hundred meters cuts to the left for a shortcut that allows you to avoid the bends. Shooting the way you get ll'eremo of San GIrolamo. Continue left along a wide trail (abandoned road) up to a fence, you pass an old gate continuing rights on path no. 261. As soon as you reach the top, turn left to the ridge to the summit of Monte d'Ansciano where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Gubbio and a beautiful 360 degree view Apennines. Follow the ridge to the right and then through meadows to the north will take you to all tourist facilities in the park Coppo. At the fountain, turn left on path no. 251/253 going around the headland to the intersection of paths n. 251 and 253. Continue to the right path n. 251 down in the woods and after a few hundred meters you will come to another intersection with the path n. 257. Follow it to the right