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Mount Foce tour
Cai trail n. 252
Level: Expert
Distance: 6,9km
Difference in height: 475m
Notes: Loop trail with start and arrival in Gubbio. View from the summit of Mt. Foce on the Apennines and the Valley of Gubbio.
GPS tracking, maps and trail profile are available.
Start from the district of St. Martin near the town walls in Via del Fosso, Borgo Santa Lucia (510m). Climb up along the vineyard road and after 100m make a left to the Hermitage of St. Ambrose. Once you reach the villa, whose walls represent the junction point of this ring, continue straight up to the hermitage, where you can visit a small church (598m - Km 0,460). Great views on Gubbio can be enjoyed during this initial stretch. Continue climbing on the left and into the woods along a fence, followed by a number of turns until you reach a small plateau. Then keep climbing on the left and turn right after 100m. Here an almost flat stretch will lead you out of the woods to a dirt road (805m - Km 2,700). The ascent continues up to the end of the road, reaching Mt. Foce’s house (821m - Km 2,900). Turn left in front of the house and climb southwards following the dirt road that gradually fades into meadows, until you reach a saddle (935m - Km 3,600) on the ridge. From here, following the ridge on the left, you can reach Mt. Foce’s summit (983m - Km 4,000) and the cross almost at the same altitude. From here you can enjoy wonderful views on the Apennine range, Mt. Nerona, Mt. Catria, Mt. Cucco and Mt. Sibillini in the distance as well as on the plain and the town of Gubbio below. Go back to the saddle and continue riding on the left of the trail you have previously left, then gradually start descending towards Gubbio, first following a grassy slope and then into the pine woods, turning eastwards. At the end of the forest, the trail turns on the right and descends steeply to a dilapidated house (709m - Km 6,200). Past the house, a left turn will bring you back to the road to Gubbio. Once you reach the next turn (careful here!) do not make a right but continue straight down the road in the same direction, until you will see the wall of the house you saw at the beginning.