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Mount Ingino tour
Cai trail No. 251
Level: Expert
Distance: 7.3km
Difference in altitude : 285m
Notes: Loop trail with start and arrival in Gubbio. View on the historic center of town. Please inquire in advance on the viability of the medieval aqueduct.
GPS tracking, maps and trail profile are available.
Depart from St. Ubaldo’s Gate (595m) located on the northern side of the town walls, facing Mt. Ingino, at the beginning of the road leading to St. Ubaldo’s Church. Approach the first turn and continue on the right along the trail that leads straight to the “I^ Cappelluccia”. Continue on a sloping plain behind the small church and under the cable car and then into the woods. From here starts the easy climb on the right side of the valley, leading to a small waterfall (there is water only in winter); soon after that, cross a creek and start climbing on the other side of the rocky slope; after a stretch in the woods, you will arrive at the intersection with trail No. 253 (776m – km 1,400). Here make a left and ride into the woods until you arrive at an opening on the meadows of the Coppo park. Now the trail wanders through the grass promontory and brings you to the leisure facilities and the bar in Coppo (785m – km 1,700). Opposite the bar, ride up into the pine forest; past a fountain, continue your climb and then descend to the intersection with trail No. 255 (834m - km 2,300). Turn left and after 200m you will reach a clearing; cross it by keeping the right at the edge of it, then make a right and ride downhill in the woods again. After about 50m, make another right and follow the trail, now flat, along the wooded slope; the trail descends to a dilapidated house and then to a paved road that after a few meters ends up in a new round construction named “Fornacette” (690m - km 4,300). Continue straight ahead leaving the construction on your left and then down to the trail leading to the road to St. Ubaldo’s Church. Follow the paved road downhill and you will reach a small square followed by a bridge, where trail No. 260 departs. Continue until you reach the basin of “Bottaccione” (590m - km 5,300). On the left of the dam, a concrete overpass leads to the beginning of the aqueduct, gradually opening up on a fantastic view over Gubbio; on its right, on the opposite side of the valley, you can see the Hermitage of St. Ambrose; you will soon be back to the tall medieval walls of Gubbio. Continue straight up the slope behind the walls until the “Cassero” and, finally, get down to St. Ubaldo’s Gate.