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Artisanal embroidery

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The ancient art of embroidery has continued to thrive and confer beauty and grace to everyday’s objects. So towels can be embellished and made more pleasant to look at and use, perfect for a guest restroom. Bed sheets can become luxurious and make even a simple bedroom look cozier. But obviously not all embroidery is the same. So what makes quality embroidery stand out? The answer lies not just in the type of materials used but also in the quality of the embroidery itself. The simplest way to check this is to look at the reverse side. Here you will often notice threads tightly pulled from one point to another, use of white thread and poor quality finishing. Be careful: some manufacturers label their products as “hand-made”, yet flaws are clearly visible. True quality embroidery through the use of specific machines can only be obtained limited to some parts. The quality of the thread must be identical on both sides. Threads cannot be tight. Knots must be hand-tied. The hem must be neat and tidy. Pleats in the corners must be sewn at 45-degree angle. Edges must be sewn “open” or with threads extracted or finished to resemble small holes. A skilled artisan is able to perform any kind of embroidery, while this is not possible with serial production; usually companies can only produce the number of designs they have on their software.